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About Us

Through uniting the ancient philosophy of the East,

with the modern science of the West,

Kamala offers a holistic approach for transformation

and authentic living in modern day America.


For more than 30 years now,

research in neuroscience & psychology

has revealed significant mental, physical, & emotional benefits

from practicing yoga, meditation,

mindfulness and compassion. 


Western science is embracing these practices,

rooted in the Eastern traditions, not only as healing modalities

for mental and physical illness

but as tools for preventative medicine;

as means for engaging fully in our lives,

for grounding ourselves in peace, and thriving in our lives.



 Kamala, the lotus flower, native to the Eastern world, 

has long been regarded as a symbol 

of transformation, purity, and transcendance. 


She literally rises up from the mud. 

This majestic water lily thrives only

in murky waters & harsh environments.


It is not in spite of, but indeed, because of,

the tremendous adversity that she must face

along her journey into full bloom, 

that this seemingly delicate flower, 

is both radiant & strong.


Kamala's stems root firmly into the earth,

while her bright petals open unapologetically to the sun.

Kamala's message is simple & profound;


We have already, everything we need.

All there is to to do is connect to our truth, and root down.

Rising up from that space. . . The glory happens naturally.


It is through opening our hearts to the darkness,

as well as to the light, that we transform sorrows into joy

& awaken a deep richness of life;

 courageously vibrant,

grounded & free!



Meaning Behind the Name
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