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Yoga & Meditation Classes

with Kimberly Castello, RYT & Jamie Walker, PysD, RYT

Virtual Yoga Therapy Group

Begins Fall, 2022

Thursdays @ 12:30pm

Covered by Insurance or private pay

Therapeutic Healing through Experiential Movement

Surmounting research on pain and trauma recovery suggests that the emotions and powerful experiences of our lives are stored somewhere within the body. We feel our emotions physically, and we carry our life’s story within our every cell. The mind-body connection is undeniable. We can release trauma, let go of unresolved grief, and find peace within, even in the eye of the storm of tremendous physical and psychological pain through the power of the our own awareness, breath, and gentle restorative movement. We all can! We don’t need to be fancy yogi’s or great meditators to experience the profound benefits of this practice.


This yoga practice is gentle, restorative and rejuvenating. Reducing pain from injury, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, back & nerve pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and any other source of physical and resultant mental pain.


Themes include exploring  the relationship between chronic pain and the stress response (fight/flight/freeze), altering the sympathetic nervous system from a hyper-aroused state to a more balanced  and restful state through the breath and gentle movement, the relationship between pain, stress, depression and anxiety. Exhaustion, pain, the nervous system, mood and transforming these experiences through the breath, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. 


No experience necessary - Beginners are invited and encouraged! This is a welcoming, accepting, non-judgmental space :) 

These yoga classes are open to all and will be accessible to anyone able to log into a virtual “meeting room”

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